About us 

Beautiful Life Medical Transport specializes in transporting patients to and from hospitals, rehabilitation centers, specialized care facilities, and private residences with high level of reliability, safety and professionalism. 

Finding a trustworthy transportation for you and your loved ones can be challenging. We acknowledge this fact and have taken steps to invest in comfortable sedans and wheelchair accessible vans, equipped with oxygen and wheelchair, to transport individuals with cognitive or mobility challenges. 

At Beautiful Life Medical Transport, we pride ourselves in acknowledging that our clients define our purpose and existence in business. Without their trust in us and our services we cannot thrive as a company. For this reason, we work hard and do our best to provide a transportation service that leaves a satisfying experience with the customer. 

With a focus on continuous training of our drivers, ensuring comfortable and safety rides, providing on-time pick up, implementing strong and sustainable business practices—including need-based solutions—we are able to achieve a much-needed success to clients in the Omaha metro area and beyond. 

Our Story

In 2014, we established Beautiful Life Home Care to provide in-home care services to seniors in the comfort of their homes. It became clear to us, within a short time in business, that non-emergency medical transportation would become a challenge for our clients. It was difficult to schedule a van to take them to appointments. So many times, they had to cancel or miss appointments. During the school season, it was difficult to schedule van for clients as existing transportation companies catered to students during the early morning school hours and after school hours.


We saw a need. That need was for a more reliable, dependable and on-time medical transportation service. We bring to you the same urgency and professionalism we attached to our home care services and clients. The days of missed or cancelled appointments are over. We are here to stay, we are at your service.


This is a promise, not a slogan.

Email: info@lifemedicaltransport.com

Phone: 402-933-0978  | Fax: 833-471-3392

Website address: www.lifemedicaltransport.com